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In 1961,

Frank Lienert, Jr. bought

a hive and a package of bees from Sears & Roebuck

in Davis, CA.

And Lienert's Honey was born.

His dad had a half acre of boysenberry bushes that produced zero fruit that summer.  After finding out that their lack of sweet summer berries was due to their neighbor's 3 hives of bees not surviving the winter, Frank took matters into his own hands.  He brought the hive and bees home and set them up in the boysenberry field.  The boysenberries came, and so did the honey, which he began extracting and sold his first jar to his grandmother for $1.

Almost 60 years later, that first jar of honey has grown into a full time business.  Frank passed away in 2019, but the business is still going strong at the hardworking hands of his son, Frank, and son-in-law, Dave. Lienert's Honey is now proudly sold at farmer's markets and grocery stores throughout the Sacramento Valley.

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